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We collect the cows milk in the mornings from Andrew and Rachel Giles' farm at Glasbury-on-Wye. The cows are New Zealand Friesian (very similar to the British Friesian) with some Jerseys.

cow's milk yoghurts & cheese



A creamy cows milk cheese made from whole milk plus a little extra cream. Ripened for 2-3 weeks, the cheese has a creamy-white mould rind.

Flavour/texture: Soft with a rich, double cream texture. Lactic and creamy when young, it takes on walnut and mushroom flavours as it matures.
Type: Unpasteurised. Traditional calf rennet.
Weight: 200g
Shelf life: 3.5 weeks

Greek Yoghurt

Greek Style Yoghurt

A traditionally-made, live, thick set creamy yoghurt with a wonderful flavour.

Flavour/texture: Rich, smooth texture with a creamy crust. Lemony, sharp flavours and a bright, lingering finish.
Sizes: Available in 200g, 500g pots, plus catering sizes
Shelf life: 3 weeks


Strained Greek Yoghurt

Strained Greek Style Yoghurt

Greek style Yoghurt that has been hung in a cheesecloth until it has doubled in thickness.

Flavour/texture: As our regular yoghurt but denser, richer and thicker.
Sizes: Available in 340g pot and a 2kg tub
Shelf life: 3.5 weeks


Creme Fraiche

CrÈme FraÎche

Organic double cream that has been lightly soured with a "live buttermilk" culture. Superb in cooking or topping a dessert.

Flavour/texture: Velvety-smooth texture and lovely rich, lingering buttermilk flavours.
Type: Organic.
Sizes: Available in pots of 115g, 340g and a 2kg tub
Shelf life: 3.5 weeks