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We collect the cow's milk in the mornings from Stephen and Sarah Fletcher's farm at Walterstone in the foothills of the Black Mountains. Their small herd of just 40 cows produces really wonderful milk.

cow's milk yoghurts & cheese



A creamy cows milk cheese made from whole milk plus a little extra cream. Ripened for 2-3 weeks, the cheese has a creamy-white mould rind.

Flavour/texture: Soft with a rich, double cream texture. Lactic and creamy when young, it takes on walnut and mushroom flavours as it matures.
Type: Unpasteurised. Traditional calf rennet.
Weight: 200g
Shelf life: 3.5 weeks

Greek Yoghurt

Greek Style Yoghurt

A traditionally-made, live, thick set creamy yoghurt with a wonderful flavour.

Flavour/texture: Rich, smooth texture with a creamy crust. Lemony, sharp flavours and a bright, lingering finish.
Sizes: Available in 200g, 500g pots, plus catering sizes
Shelf life: 3 weeks


Strained Greek Yoghurt

Strained Greek Style Yoghurt

Greek style Yoghurt that has been hung in a cheesecloth until it has doubled in thickness.

Flavour/texture: As our regular yoghurt but denser, richer and thicker.
Sizes: Available in 340g pot and a 2kg tub
Shelf life: 3.5 weeks


Creme Fraiche

CrÈme FraÎche

Organic double cream that has been lightly soured with a "live buttermilk" culture. Superb in cooking or topping a dessert.

Flavour/texture: Velvety-smooth texture and lovely rich, lingering buttermilk flavours.
Type: Organic.
Sizes: Available in pots of 115g, 340g and a 2kg tub
Shelf life: 3.5 weeks