Welcome to Neal’s Yard Creamery, an independent dairy making fresh and mould-ripened cheeses, yoghurts and crème fraîche.

We pride ourselves on being small, and in complete control of the quality of all our cheeses and yoghurts – caring passionately about what we do, and ensuring that this love and care is reflected in all of our products.



Originally we were the same company as Neal’s Yard Dairy who made the first Greek-Style yoghurt to be sold in the UK, Crème Fraîche and a couple of fresh cheeses. A few years later this enabled the Creamery to become it's own business.


 In 1996 we moved the Creamery from the South East, to our current beautiful location on Dorstone Hill, overlooking the river Wye in Herefordshire.

We have been able to flourish here, focusing on family and working with a great team to produce the best products we can.


 Our Cheeses and Yoghurts

We make cheese and yoghurts from both cow’s and goat’s milk. Our goat's cheeses are made using milk from Andrew and Diane Goodwin’s herd at Wychmoor Farm, Titley, Herefordshire and we collect the cow's milk in the mornings from Stephen and Sarah Fletcher's farm at Walterstone in the foothills of the Black Mountains. Their small herd of just 40 cows produces really wonderful milk. As part of our ethos, we aim to work with local suppliers whenever we can.